Swiss Snow Academy

Limitless snowsports!

Professional coaches will help you to gradually become an expert yourself. Together with other young people you will learn how to do the turns, airs and tricks you`ve always wanted to do. Your instructor is now your coach. He will give you specific tips in the snowpark and on and off the slopes on how to perfect your skills and your style.


When you have successfully completed your training with the Swiss Snow League you are ready for the Swiss Snow Academy and you will receive the Swiss Snow Academy card. The Swiss Snow Academy card is your personal "keycard". It identifies you as a member and confirms every turn, air or trick that you master.

But your Swiss Snow Academy card can do even more than that: you can also load your lift pass onto it.

And that`s not all: Your Swiss Snow Academy card gives you access to further special offfers from the Swiss Snow Academy. >>Offers Ticketcorner

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