Red Snowboard League

As an intermediate snowboarder, you'll continue to improve your skills in an enjoyable way. You'll learn some new stunts as well as how to snowboard in a safe and dynamic way on pistes and in the snow park. This is where the real fun starts – you'll have the snowboarding bug for life now.

Red Prince/Princess

180° on the slope

  • Small Freestyle glossary
  • Turns using stretching and bending techniques
  • Powerslide
  • Ollie/N`Ollie on the slope


Red King/Queen

Basic Air

  • Information about nature, forest and the environment
  • Carved turns
  • Slide on the slope
  • Ollie/N`Ollie 180° on the slope


Red Star

Straight Air

  • Information about Swiss Snow Academy
  • Riding off-piste
  • Frontside Noseturn
  • Backside boardslide on a Box


Book online

Book online